Vegan, Ethical, Non-GMO & Eco-Conscious


Vegan . Eco . Ethical . Natural . Organic . Fair . Sustainable

Do we need to say any more? We only work with brands that believe what we believe, not brands that just offer vegan options to appeal to an audience or market. That's why you will not see companies on Veenofs that sell a non-vegan range. Please read more about our movement below.

Vegan Lifestyle

At Veenofs, we have curated products which abstain from the use of animal products. We only sell brands which integrate a vegan philosophy - from diet to materials - throughout all levels of their business.

Eco Friendly

We only partner with brands which feature products that claim minimal, reduced, or no harm to ecosystems and the environment.

Ethical Living

Our brand partners share our philosophy of making decisions for daily life which take into account ethics and moral values, particularly concerning consumerism, sustainability, environmentalism, wildlife, and animal and human welfare.


At Veenofs we feature brands whose products haven't been altered by processing, and which are certainly not interested in a perfect product. Imperfect is unique and beautiful. We are at the beginning of our adventure, and we acknowledge that there are many possible adjustments to make to help limit our overall ecological footprint.


At VeenoFs, we love organic products made from materials produced by organic agriculture. However, we also feature non-organic products which have been up-cycled to transform them into useful and sustainable treasures.


We work with brands which make a conscious goal to help producers in developing countries get a fair price for their products. This helps us contribute to reduced poverty and provide for the ethical treatment of workers while we promote environmentally sustainable practices.


Our eco-inspired products highlights the crucial design element of sustainability. Our goal here is to minimise human impact on the environment. We care deeply about social responsibility. At Veenofs you will find all of our brands make a conscious effort to use sustainable materials.

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Mark our words; Ethical, eco-conscious PRODUCTS ARE the future now