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Women's Vegan Trainers

Even though vegan trainers themselves are practical, functional, and meant for exercise and relaxing, we all know that the right vegan sneaker has the potential to make a massive fashion statement. Just ask any streetwear model or hip hop mogul - the right choice in sneakers can carry an outfit, a mood, and a Sunday brunch all at the same time. These vegan sneakers are made from durable materials that have been ethically sourced and are 100% eco-friendly…so you can combine funky with fair trade and not miss a beat.

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Nae Nilo Oxford Sneaker - Red
Nae Nilo Oxford Sneaker - Red
Regular price£99.00
Nae Re-PET Vegan Sneakers - Red - Veenofs
Nae Re-PET Vegan Sneakers - Red
Regular price£115.00