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Women's Vegan Shoulder Bags

A vegan purse is home to many low-key indulgences: dairy-free dark chocolate, far too many lip glosses, and slightly overused credit cards. When you choose your vegan shoulder bag from Veenofs, you can rest assured that you are making a conscious, guilt-free choice that benefits animals, the environment, and the humans who crafted your purchase. This makes it much easier to not feel the slightest bit bad about the treats and luxuries you’ve tucked into the pockets of your stylish, sustainable purse.

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Vegan Kweder Ducitta Bag - Veenofs
Kweder Ducitta Bag
Regular price£250.00
Vegan Kweder Zuccarata Top Handle Bag - Veenofs
Kweder Zuccarata Top Handle Bag
Regular price£250.00