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Vegan accessories for women are taking over, and now you can be a part of the movement! At Veenofs, you’ll find vegan leather watches, vegan tote bags, vegan clutch bags, and ethical jewellery imbued with conscious creativity. The brands here are beyond ethical; they’re also artistic. Watch for fine detailing and super-usability with each product we’ve carefully selected. Take your outfits to the next level with vegan accessories that will blow your mind.

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Votch The Tan And Silver Petite
Votch The Tan And Silver Petite
Regular price£120.00
Vegan Camille Card Holder Brown Croco - Veenofs
Camille Card Holder Brown Croco
Regular price£18.00
Vegan Evig Grön Bracelet - Cork - Veenofs
Evig Grön Bracelet - Cork
Regular price£45.00
Vegan Evig Grön Bracelet - Brown - Veenofs
Evig Grön Bracelet - Brown
Regular price£45.00