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Fera Libens for Women

Fera Libens is an Italian brand that offers 'a small bit of goodwill in a sea of indifference'. They love animals, which is part of the reason we were drawn to the brand because they offer 100% vegan shoes for all the right reasons. Fera Libens takes tremendous pride in their designs and the fit of their exceptional shoes, but are also committed to the quality of the materials, knowing fully well that vegan shoes tend to have a reputation to not be as durable as leather. They swear by their brand that their shoes are just as durable as leather - if not even better. The future is bright for this impeccable brand.
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Vegan Fera Libens Vesta Loafers - Light Taupe - Veenofs
Fera Libens Vesta Loafers - Light Taupe
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