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Women's Ethical & Vegan Bags

With beautiful, sustainable materials, and cutting-edge (yet functional) design, these vegan purses, vegan bucket bags, and vegan pouches will hold all your treasures and complete your look from the street to the plant-based bistro. Whether you’re going for a top-handle bag, a shopping bag, or a tote, everything you’ll find here meets the high standards of Veenofs - and the high standards of you. And - BONUS - unlike so many vegan bags of yesterday, these ones will actually last because the materials are durable and tested. Good news for your pocketbook, for animals, and for the environment. This season, our collection is all about style and versatility. Offering a huge range of designs and shapes to suit your lifestyle, choose from classic palettes of black and brown but also find pops of bold colours in bright coral orange and turquoise as well as statement prints and intricately crafted eclectic patterns. From microfiber faux leather materials to Piñatex pineapple leather and woven synthetic cotton, we’ve curated a collection of unique styles, crafted by only the highest-quality labels including Camille and Italian vegan fashion brand, Kweder. Basically, if you’re on the hunt for non-leather handbags, we’ve got you covered. Opt for a hobo bag or oversized tote if you’re one to carry all your day-to-day essentials with you at all times or choose a smaller, over the shoulder crossbody bag if you only need your phone, card and cruelty-free lipstick while you’re on the go. Kweder’s statement print clutches give you just enough room with some serious sartorial credentials while Camille’s Piñatex crossbodys are a must-have for those who love a splash of bright colour. From top handle totes to buckets bags and pochettes, whatever style suits your vibe, it’s all about the sustainably sourced, ethically produced and eco-friendly fabrics that go into the making of every single one of the bags we’ve curated into our collection. From the vegan handbag brands that we know and trust, quality and eco-consciousness run hand in hand. Holding the perfect vegan handbag, of course.

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