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Slogan for Men

We are proud to present Slogan ethical and vegan clothing on our website, as we truly connect with their values. Slogan is a Polish brand pioneering in the world of organic and vegan fashion. Established from the heart to create ethical clothes that respect our planet and are always free from animal suffering. They use innovative, high quality and ethically produced vegan materials, and most of their clothing is sewn attentively in small batches in Polish family manufacturing sites. Slogan sends a message that the design and manufacturing of clothes do NOT have to include the suffering of animals.

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Slogan The Skull T-Shirt - Grey - Veenofs
Slogan The Skull T-Shirt - Grey
Regular price£16.00
Slogan Alder Shirt - Black - Veenofs
Slogan Alder Shirt - Black
Regular price£32.00
Slogan Alder Shirt - Dark Blue - Veenofs
Slogan Alder Shirt - Dark Blue
Regular price£32.00
Slogan Alder Check Shirt - Blue - Veenofs
Slogan Alder Check Shirt - Blue
Regular price£35.00
Slogan Impulse Jacket - Black - Veenofs
Slogan Impulse Jacket - Black
Regular price£55.00
Slogan Chelsea Cardigan - Grey - Veenofs
Slogan Chelsea Cardigan - Grey
Regular price£58.00
Slogan Chelsea Cardigan - Honey - Veenofs
Slogan Chelsea Cardigan - Honey
Regular price£58.00
Slogan Soho Sweatshirt - Black - Veenofs
Slogan Soho Sweatshirt - Black
Regular price£58.00