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NOAH for Men

NOAH for men offers sneakers, boots, and formal shoes which are fashionable and made from high-quality vegan materials. In Italy, their shoes are produced in limited numbers by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. NOAH is pioneering a role in the field of sustainable and ethical footwear. The socially responsible and eco-friendly business fits in with the elegant taste of the Italian "Dolce Vita”. Their attention to detail ensures total comfort and fit as well as offering bags, belts and hats for men that all uphold the same high level of standards as the rest of their line of offerings.

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NOAH Federico - Veenofs
NOAH Federico
Regular price£169.00£149.00
NOAH Raffaello Nappa-Suede - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Raffaello Nappa-Suede - Black
Regular price£289.00£199.00
NOAH Filippo - Veenofs
NOAH Filippo
Regular price£184.00£169.00
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Black
Regular price£164.00
NOAH Gianni - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Gianni - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Achille Brogue - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Achille Brogue - Black
Regular price£169.00
NOAH Leonardo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Leonardo - Black
Regular price£299.00£199.00
NOAH Flavio Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Flavio Nappa - Black
Regular price£319.00£249.00
NOAH Maurizio Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Maurizio Nappa - Black
Regular price£239.00£189.00
NOAH Graziano Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Graziano Nappa - Black
Regular price£299.00
NOAH Enrico - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Enrico - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Christoph Nappa Loafer - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Christoph Nappa Loafer - Black
Regular price£157.00£134.00
NOAH Tommy Suede Loafer - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Tommy Suede Loafer - Black
Regular price£156.00£99.00
NOAH Lorenzo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Lorenzo - Black
Regular price£315.00£249.00
NOAH Lorenzo - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Lorenzo - Brown
Regular price£315.00£249.00
NOAH Romeo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Romeo - Black
Regular price£289.00
NOAH Angelo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Angelo - Black
Regular price£289.00£199.00
NOAH Tony Suede - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Tony Suede - Black
Regular price£156.00
NOAH Sasha - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Sasha - Black
Regular price£69.00£39.50
NOAH Paolo - Veenofs
NOAH Paolo
Regular price£184.00£165.00
NOAH Maxi - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Maxi - Black
Regular price£69.00£39.50
NOAH Matteo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Matteo - Black
Regular price£339.00£199.00
NOAH Luca - Veenofs
Regular price£169.00
NOAH Giovanni - Veenofs
NOAH Giovanni
Regular price£169.00£139.00
NOAH Fabrizio - Veenofs
NOAH Fabrizio
Regular price£189.00£149.00
NOAH Dominique Suede - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Dominique Suede - Black
Regular price£139.00
NOAH Daria & Dario - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Daria & Dario - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Alex Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Alex Nappa - Black
Regular price£157.00