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Veenofs is revolutionising men’s fashion with vegan clothing, vegan shoes, and vegan accessories that are fashionable and savvy, yet fair and sustainable. With reasonable pricing, excellent customer service standards, and brands that are on board with all things ethical, you now have a one-stop shop on the internet for everything your closet desires.
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NOAH Alex Nappa - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Alex Nappa - Brown
Regular price£157.00
NOAH Raffaello Suede - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Raffaello Suede - Blue
Regular price£299.00£229.00
NOAH Diego Trainer - Grey - Veenofs
NOAH Diego Trainer - Grey
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Diego Trainer - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Diego Trainer - Blue
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Alex Suede - White - Veenofs
NOAH Alex Suede - White
Regular price£157.00£129.00
NOAH Alex Suede - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Alex Suede - Blue
Regular price£157.00£129.00
NOAH Federico - Veenofs
NOAH Federico
Regular price£169.00£149.00
NOAH Raffaello Nappa-Suede - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Raffaello Nappa-Suede - Black
Regular price£289.00£199.00
NOAH Matteo - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Matteo - Blue
Regular price£339.00£199.00
NOAH Filippo - Veenofs
NOAH Filippo
Regular price£184.00£169.00
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Tan - Veenofs
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Tan
Regular price£164.00
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Brown
Regular price£164.00
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Damiano Oxford - Black
Regular price£164.00
NOAH Matthew - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Matthew - Blue
Regular price£339.00£199.00
NOAH Edoardo Bamboo Shoe Tree - Veenofs
NOAH Edoardo Bamboo Shoe Tree
Regular price£49.00£24.00
NOAH Gianni - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Gianni - Brown
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Gianni - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Gianni - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Brown
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Roberto Derby Shoe - Black
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Achille Brogue - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Achille Brogue - Brown
Regular price£169.00
NOAH Achille Brogue - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Achille Brogue - Black
Regular price£169.00
NOAH Leonardo - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Leonardo - Black
Regular price£299.00£199.00
NOAH Alessandro - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Alessandro - Blue
Regular price£289.00
NOAH Graziano - Blue - Veenofs
NOAH Graziano - Blue
Regular price£299.00
NOAH Flavio Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Flavio Nappa - Black
Regular price£319.00£249.00
NOAH Maurizio Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Maurizio Nappa - Black
Regular price£239.00£189.00
NOAH Graziano Nappa - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Graziano Nappa - Black
Regular price£299.00
NOAH Enrico - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Enrico - Brown
Regular price£159.00
NOAH Enrico - Black - Veenofs
NOAH Enrico - Black
Regular price£159.00