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Men's Vegan Shoes

Gone are the days of vegan shoes for men wearing out in a couple of months! Sustainable, ethically sourced materials have come so far in the past few years, and we are so proud to feature brands which have NAILED the style, fit and durability that you can expect from a high-quality shoe. From vegan loafers to sandals, strong, stylish vegan boots, and even vegan trainers and sneakers, you’ll find it all here complete with competitive pricing and comfort that won’t quit. We’ve made sure our men’s vegan footwear range works for you.

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Vegan Fera Libens Tobacco Derby - Veenofs
Fera Libens Tobacco Derby
Regular price£169.00£84.50
Nae Veka Vegan Trainers - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Veka Vegan Trainers - Brown
Regular price£119.00
Nae Zero Sneaker - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Zero Sneaker - Brown
Regular price£120.00
Nae NewBCN Derby Shoe - Black - Veenofs
Nae NewBCN Derby Shoe - Black
Regular price£125.00
Nae Mesa Chelsea Boots - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Mesa Chelsea Boots - Brown
Regular price£128.00
Nae EFE Sneaker - Cork - Veenofs
Nae EFE Sneaker - Cork
Regular price£129.00
Nae Valeri Shoe - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Valeri Shoe - Brown
Regular price£129.00
Nae Dover Boots - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Dover Boots - Brown
Regular price£130.00
Nae Urban Derby - Cork - Veenofs
Nae Urban Derby - Cork
Regular price£135.00
Nae Etna Vegan Boots - Brown - Veenofs
Nae Etna Vegan Boots - Brown
Regular price£145.00
NOAH Daria & Dario - Brown - Veenofs
NOAH Daria & Dario - Brown
Regular price£159.00