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Camille For Women

Camille makes eco-friendly, vegan bags, and they do an outstanding job. With their ‘made in Paris’ line, they go above and beyond the normal expectations of a bag or purse company, and take into consideration the impact of every level of their business. In addition to crafting their unique and stunning bags out of eco-friendly, vegan materials, they also use recycled paper and materials for their hang tags and strongly support ‘slow fashion’ through their various initiatives. The result is a timeless and high-quality fashion that goes beyond the seasons, and into our hearts.
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Vegan Camille Pouch Piñatex Gold - Veenofs
Camille Pouch Piñatex Gold
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Vegan Camille Pouch Black Velvet - Veenofs
Camille Pouch Black Velvet
Regular price£39.00