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Veenofs’ December Hit-List

Veenofs’ December Hit-List

There is only one more sleep until Christmas and we hope that you are feeling festive. There will be some of you who had all of your presents wrapped by the start of November, but we wanted to spare a thought for those out on Christmas Eve; still looking for presents.

If you were unable to find that perfect gift, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite items that need to be on your must-have list for the new year.

But for those who couldn’t find what they were looking for, here is a list of some of our favourite items that need to be on your must-have wish list for the new year!

NAE x PETA Desert Boots


Here at Veenofs, we are very excited to be selling these desert boots. Despite the name, they are perfect for any environment and look just as good at work as they do in the countryside. As well as having a completely natural rubber sole, these boots are made from organic cotton – a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to suede. If that was not good enough, for every pair sold, $5 goes to PETA to help protect animals. We think they are great, and we hope that you do too.

Fera Libens’ Delfo Derby Shoes


These brogues are an essential. They add an instant classic touch to any outfit and are a subtle shade of navy that will work with any outfit from a smart suit to casual jeans. Made from 100% animal-free material by an ethical and vegan company, these Italian shoes come with no added guilt, so you would not need to drag your feet whilst wearing these!

Camille Jacquard Night Crossbody Bag


A great size for all your necessities, this small bag is the perfect companion for going out to celebrate New Year. The stylish jacquard fabric will add an extra bit of interest to any outfit, as will the tasselled zips. Made in France, the bag is made a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester: an eco-responsible synthetic material manufactured in Italy.

Rose Gold & White Votch with Rose Gold Strap


If you can stand the wordplay, this watch has a timeless elegance. A classic design gets a modern revamp with a new tone: rose gold. This warmer metal gives the watch a subtle glamour; one enhanced by the rose gold touches on the indexes and hands of the clock face. We love it.

Slogan The Eye Hoodie By Otecki


Apposite for current temperatures is SLOGAN’s mustard coloured hoodie. Made of organic cotton certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), you can keep perfectly warm without having to turn the heating on. Designed by graffitist and street artist Wojciech Otecki Kołacz, the illustrated design is made from ecological water paints, rather acrylic based paints; making this hoodie a great environmental choice, as well as a great style choice.

Those are just a few of our favourites on the website at the moment. We hope that has given you some ideas for gifts to give in the festive period – if not just to yourself!

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