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How to Make your Autumn Wardrobe More Sustainable

How to Make your Autumn Wardrobe More Sustainable

With many of us returning to work and school as we wave goodbye to a warm yet extremely boring summer (I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely worn ANY of my lovely summer outfits this year) I thought I’d share my top tips on how to curate an autumn wardrobe which is both fashion-forward and ethically conscious. Following a few of these simple tricks, you can help fill your closet with warm and versatile clothing, pairing ethics with aesthetics so you look your best whilst limiting your carbon footprint.

One of the greatest ways to do this is curating sustainability through prioritising quality and longevity over fleeting trends. This means demanding higher standards of clothing by purchasing long-lasting, high quality, staple pieces rather than consuming low-quality fast fashion.

'Okay, that’s great but what should I actually buy?'

Before hitting the shops, I recommend first to define your style. This means doing a wardrobe audit; identify what clothes you are drawn to and can see yourself wearing for years to come. Which items make you feel good and reflect your personal style? By looking for patterns in your current wardrobe you can figure out what complements you and what you won’t get bored of. Once you identify these key items, think about what they can be paired with and seek out clothing that is similar or complementary. Shop with intention, for items you know will be timeless. A great rule to go by is the #30WearsCampaign. A guide on how long a piece of clothing should ideally last. Before you buy something as yourself: 

‘Can I see myself wearing this 30 times?!’

If the answer is 'probably no’, is it really worth purchasing?

The key to 30 wears is to buy items made to last beyond the season. Prioritising items that are a great fit for autumn but can also be adapted to any season by layering up or stripping down. Great examples of this are: neutral jumpers, a lightweight statement jacket (trench coats are my personal go-to), slip dresses you can layer up or wear on their own in summer, paired with a great pair of versatile boots! To find sustainable brands that stock these autumn favourites visit

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Simple acts such as caring more for your items by washing them properly and learning to sew will also make them last considerably longer. Simply washing your denim inside out and always reading the clothing label can make a huge difference. 

In terms of what you buy, particularly try to avoid certain materials like Polyester (which actually doesn’t decompose at all), Leather (Cattle farming is arguably one of the most damaging agricultural processes in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and overall environmental impact) and Cashmere (involves the farming of Goats, which are particularly damaging to the environment they graze on). Instead, invest in sustainable fabrics such as Piñatex (a leather-like material made of Pineapples), Alpaca Wool in place of cashmere, and an environmentalist’s favourite: Linen- which is strong, long-lasting, and biodegradable!

Finally, ensure your wardrobe is eco-friendly from production to end by not throwing your clothes away. REMEMBER… there is no such thing as ‘away’; everything you buy ultimately ends up somewhere (most likely in landfill). To combat the temptation to simply chuck it in the bin, try selling your clothes online (take a look at: depop, eBay, Shopify, Vinted, etc.), donating to charity, taking part in clothes swaps or, upcycling!

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If you want to stay informed on this topic and similar, keep an eye on the Veenofs blog to find out more about shopping sustainably. To read more about some of the ideas mentioned in this blog, such as upcycling and clothes swaps, visit the links below! 

Check out some of our top sustainable brands and revamp your wardrobe this autumn by visiting

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